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  • Trigona bee honey is certified to have high medical value results from a study conducted by MARDI (Malaysian Agriculture Research and Development Institute).

  • Through research on diabetes, MARDI found that trigona honey can help to reduce glucose levels and help to reduce kidney damage.

  • In addition, it also helps to absorb calcium and strengthen bones

  • According to the Oxford University study in 1987, Propolis contains 149 bioactive components, tens of flavonoids, vitamin A, B, F, C, E, H, P and 10 types of minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids

  • The main advantage of propolis is that it builds the immune system of the human body naturally.

  • It also serves as an antibacterial 1.5 – 2 times more than propolis of honey bee apis.

  • Propolis is also able to treat ulcers and kidney cleansing as well as an effective way to prevent cancer cell proliferation

  • Propolis can act as antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that are commonly used as active ingredients in cosmetics, creams, and tablets

Company Profile

The roots of Pro Eco Health Sdn Bhd was started on 25th Feb 2016 in Malaysia with a strong desire to improve everyone health and lifestyle by Ow Yong Chee Kong. Within two years, we make a milestone of distributing our products to other countries such as Australia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Indonesia.
So here is our mission:
                We are dedicated to unleash and educate the healthy lifestyle for everyone.

Company Story

Back in 2014, our founder, Ow Yong had a bad cough for more than three months and would not heal. A constant cough can be disruptive for anyone but Ow Yong had a complicate situation. He was dealing with a cough associated with diabetes. His friend recommended him to take the stingless bee honey & stingless Bee Propolis (nature’s sweetener), so he decided to give it a try. The final result was surprising. He was fully recovered within one week while the cough medicine didn’t work at all. The blood glucose level has dropped to a normal level of 7.8 in 1 ½  years.
There is another real life experience about the stingless bee honey and stingless bee Propolis. Ow Yong’s friend had a severe dengue infection with blood platelet count below 3 and was required to treat with an intensive care unit (ICU). Ow Yong recommended his friend to take the Propolis. The blood platelet count was increased to as much as 120 and could discharge from the hospital after three days.
The third story is about a diabetic who fell down accidentally. The high levels of blood glucose cause slow healing wound. He applied Trigona Bee Propolis on his wound as antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Miracle happened next: his wound recovered in less than three weeks time.
Ow Yong was inspired by the benefits and the functions of the stingless bee honey and stingless bee propolis. That leads him to the path of starting his honey company, as he would like to help and cherish more people by producing honey. However, the start up process was complicated. Beekeeping requires a lot of knowledge, special skill and huge investment.
A several numbers of tests, experiments, surveys had been going on for a long time; a trusted honey hunter is difficult to hire; high standard honey take a lot of effort to produce. The process is hard but Ow Yong has the never-give-up spirit. He faced the challenges bravely and positively. This is the secret of his successful business. …


William Chong, 56, Cheras

I suffering from a high levels of blood glucose cause my wound in very slow healing. I applied Trigona Bee Propolis on my wound as antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Miracle happened next: my wound recovered in less than three weeks time!

William Chong

Jenny Liew, 35, KL

I’ve been coughing for a month, my friend recommended me to drink Trigona Bee Propolis 3 times a day. After drinking for 3 days my cough is completely cure.

Vivien, 36, Johor

I am Vivien, aged 36 years old. I’ve throat infection & have been taking medicine for a week but no improvement. After drinking stingless bee propolis for 3 days, my throat infection is ok.

Hidayati, 38 tahun, Klang

Saya Hidayati berumur 38 tahun. Saya biasa minum madu sejak persekolahan sebab ada masalah sembelit. Kawan saya memperkenalkan saya madu kelulut. Pertama kali saya rasa madu kelulut, rasanya masam manis tak serupa dengan madu yang saya minum selama ini. Selain daripada masalah sembelit saya sudah baik, kulit saya yang berjerawat pun sudah pulih.