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The roots of Pro Eco Health Sdn Bhd was started on 25th Feb 2016 in Malaysia with a strong desire to improve everyone health and lifestyle by Ow Yong Chee Kong. Within two years, we make a milestone of distributing our products to other countries such as Australia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

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Our Signature Products

500ml per bottle

Premium Trigona
Sour Honey

Trigona bees belong to Meliponini species of bees from family Apoidea. They have no sting. If disturbed, they will bite to defend themselves. There are more than 500 species of Trigona bee worldwide.

10ml per bottle

Trigona Green

Propolis is formed from resin obtained by trigona bees from trees that contain latex. Trigona bees then process to form propolis, a substance that is black, yellow or dark brown in trigona bee hives.

pro eco health propolis

The Health Benefits of Honey

benefits of honey

- A Natural Superfood -

Honey is a versatile natural substance packed with antioxidants for cell protection, immune system support, and quick, sustained energy. It soothes sore throats, nourishes the skin, and aids digestion, making it a valuable addition to your daily routine.

Our Bee Farm

From hive to jar, we oversee every step of the honey-making process, ensuring that it meets our stringent standards for purity, sustainability, and authenticity.

stringless bee

Silver Stingless Bees

Our premium honey products are a result of the hard work of Silver bees, a unique and gentle stingless bee species known for their small size, ranging from 3 mm to 8 mm, and the absence of spines. With over 500 species of stingless bees worldwide, Malaysia boasts 32 identified species. At Pro Eco Health, we take pride in harnessing the exceptional qualities of silver stingless bees to produce our exquisite honey.

bees on honey comb
stringless bee


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- Guaranteed 100% Halal Certified -

We merge tradition with modernity to ensure the highest levels of hygiene and quality for our honey.

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