The miracle of the Bee Trigona



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Silver bees belong to the family of stingless bees. It is different from the common bee species because it has no spines and has a body size of only 3 mm to 8 mm. There are more than 500 species of stingless bees in the world. In Malaysia, 32 species have been identified.

Stingless bees can be found in tropical rainforest countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Africa, and tropical areas of America. Stingless bees, as producers of pollen, are very active in forests and make honeycombs on branches.

For commercial use of stinging bees, the hive of stingless bees will be removed and then properly placed in a protected area. This can effectively control the production quality.

Each silver bee hive produces honey, propolis and bee bread. According to experts, products made by stingless bees have better quality than ordinary honey.


William Chong, 56, Cheras

I suffering from a high levels of blood glucose cause my wound in very slow healing. I applied Trigona Bee Propolis on my wound as antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Miracle happened next: my wound recovered in less than three weeks time!

William Chong

Jenny Liew, 35, KL

I’ve been coughing for a month, my friend recommended me to drink Trigona Bee Propolis 3 times a day. After drinking for 3 days my cough is completely cure.

Vivien, 36, Johor

I am Vivien, aged 36 years old. I’ve throat infection & have been taking medicine for a week but no improvement. After drinking stingless bee propolis for 3 days, my throat infection is ok.

Hidayati, 38 tahun, Klang

Saya Hidayati berumur 38 tahun. Saya biasa minum madu sejak persekolahan sebab ada masalah sembelit. Kawan saya memperkenalkan saya madu kelulut. Pertama kali saya rasa madu kelulut, rasanya masam manis tak serupa dengan madu yang saya minum selama ini. Selain daripada masalah sembelit saya sudah baik, kulit saya yang berjerawat pun sudah pulih.